Incremental backups solution for DirectAdmin & WHM/cPanel

Create loyal customers by giving the reassurance that their jobs are maintained.

Offer multiple copies of your data so you can choose what you want to restore, with a few simple tools in your control panel.

Rest assured that you can restore your entire server in the event of a disaster.

With bu-Backup you synchronize your backups only with the modified data, thus saving process time and bandwidth.
You will notice that the first copy may take a long time if you have many accounts. The following will notice that they will be really fast.

With bu-Backup you can have infinite sequential copies, physically occupying only the differences between copies.
For example, if you save 10 copies of a total of 10 GB you will notice that the total does not occupy 100 GB, possibly only 20 GB.

bu-Backup diagram
  • Incremental backups

    - Local and remote backups.
    - Remote authentication with SSH keys or user/password.
    - Backup unlimited cPanel/DirectAdmin accounts.
    - Minimum CPU usage, time and bandwidth.
    - Incremental backups based in rsync.
    - Differential copies based in hard links.
    - Minimal local temporary files stored during backup.
    - Visual progress.

  • Flexible configuration

    - Multiple storage servers configurations.
    - Flexible programming and multiple schedules.
    - Possibility of infinite retentions.
    - Decide whether to make backups of suspended accounts.
    - Select exclude accounts for backups.
    - Bandwidth limit option.
    - Automatic deletion of copies of accounts deleted for the indicated time.
    - Multi-language and auto-language.
    - Custom date format.
    - Selectable functions for end users.

  • Instant restoration

    - Disaster recovery function.
    - Full files restoration.
    - Individual files and directories restoration with file explorer.
    - Individual restoration of email accounts.
    - Individual restoration of MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL databases (*).
    - Full accounts restoration.

    * PostgreSQL databases only in WHM/cPanel

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